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Mar 7, 2022
99 replied to Mike's discussion SPO 7500 Users?
"please keep me updated about oximeters "
Dec 4, 2021
Stefan updated their profile
Sep 16, 2019
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Aug 21, 2019

Hi All!


Got a new spammer on the forums:




Looks like she's spammed a lot of people, myself included.


Just a heads up.


Thank you!!


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Thank you! Just banned her.

Thank you Mike!! :)


Have a terrific day!


Hi Mike,


I'm recently new to the forum and have already been hit on by:







and now: nancy608


regards, Mark

Mike said:

Thank you! Just banned her.
Thanks, Mark.  I cross-referenced each of the spammers you mentioned and we have, indeed, banned all them.  As the old timers here will attest to, this is a no-spam tolerated place, and we insist on that.  Spam is a constant struggle for any site of this nature, but we police it pretty carefully here with all of your assistance.  as they say for terrorism: ' if you see something, say something' -- our members are the eyes and ears of this community.  please post a thread or let me know if/ when you see something odd and we'll take immediate action.

Hey Mark, you're a popular guy! ;o)


Who knew that those of us with sleep problems are so loved? ;o)  Even us "old timers" (nod to TheSleepGuide Crew)... ;o)


Don't let those spammers deter you from hanging out here, these guys really are good about banning them, and quick. :o)


Have a great night!


I think the spammers gave up on me.
Shows what they know (or don't)!  We won't give up on you! ;o)

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