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3-sleep studies and I skip deep sleep with 0% in stage 4

After under going 3 sepparte sleep studies my Doctor was concerned because I have 0% in the stage that replimishes your body. I basically stay in dream state waking easily. I'm small boned, and I don't have a big neck. I'm only 5'4" and 132 lbs. but I stop breathing every 4 min he said. I constantly wake up with or without my cpap machine, ripping my mask off in my sleep because of dry mouth. throat, and a overall discomfort from the mask. I get very little sleep and noticed it is really starting to effect my memory, concentration, mood, and of course I feel exhausted most of the time. I have tried every mask they make with no success. I don't understand what it is that keeps me from entering deep sleep, but I would love to sleep through a whole night without awaking a dozen times. Does anyone else have this problem? I don't remember when the last time I felt really rested was.

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I do not believe that stage 4 sleep is scored in a sleep study anymore. So the majority of people will not have stage 4 sleep. What was you % of stage 3 and stage REM. What PAP unit and mask are you using? Have you tried wearing the mask during the day to desensitize yourself to it?

It is our breathing events that are keeping you from entering deep sleep. You are averaging 15 events per hour. There is a natural progression from light to deep sleep. Your events are interrupting that progression.
You are not getting enough Delta sleep. Delta that quality body repairing nectar of the gods.
REM sleep is also vital keeping your brain sharp and your mood stable.
We really need to take a look at your daily routines, sleep Hygiene, and most importantly the bed chamber. Also we want to look at age, diet, and stress levels. You can either post here or send me a message. There are variables we need to talk about etc.

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