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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15

I'd like to know the danger of falling a sleep with out my CPAP on ? I do this quite offten. At times I awake gasping for breath,feel like I've been running,asking God please don't let me die.

Most of the time if I don't have it on I sleep o.k.

Please let me know the danger. Thanks

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organ damage including the brain and ultimantly a perminet rest froam life (death)

also various other health problems like diabeties, hypertension, ME/CFS to name a few
seems like you know the danger, if you are lucky enough to have a machine PLEASE use it.Seriously , you could die
Not using your CPAP brings you back to all the original problems. Most people can not tolerate or get good sleep without their CPAP once they have started on it. The change and imporved night-time breathing is so remarkable.

From your question, I am not clear as to the problem: 1) mask fit problem 2) removing the mask during sleep 3) just not willing to wear mask. If you have been prescribed therapy, it is like any other prescribed therapy - you should comply with the order. If you can not or will not, then you need to discuss options with your doctor. He/she can not help you manage a problem they are unaware of.

If your problem is mask or machine, then the homecare company you prurchased the equiopment from will help you resolve the problem. This is the greatest reason to use a local provider and avoid the other purchase optons. Service is really what you have paid for in the purchase. That may be limited to 6 months or 12 months; make sure you know what is reasonable provision of service from the provider.

Remember that CPAP use is successful if you obtain 4 hours of sleep. You will want to develop a longer period but you improve your untreated sleep hygiene with 4 hours. Once you are doing that, continue to work towards a full night of treated sleep.

Contact your physician if you continue to have problems. That is your best resource.
For me the biggest thing is I feel the next day if I sleep without my mask.

Example. Last night, I was in a hotel. Forgot the darned cpap machine. It was one night, but the difference this morning is noticeable. I have a bad headache. I'm tired. I'm grouchy.

I understand the health reasons - but for me it is as much lifestyle, as well.

There have been times sitting in my reading chair that I've nodded off without it, but I always get it on before zonking completely out.
I have had this same problem and have had to discipline myself that whenever there is a possibility I may fall asleep I put my mask on. I know it is no convenient if you are watching television or something else but consider the alternatives.
Okay here is all I can say. With my patients when I was doing homecare I would have them do a major no no if they were like you and fell asleep without the cpap too often. I would have them put it on at the beginning of the news or david letterman and watch tv with it on. What you will find is that the sleepinees decreases the more you use it. If your problem is that you come home from work and fall asleep in the recliner I had them take twenty minutes ( we had an alarm clock set or a timer with a loud bell) with the cpap when they got home this allowed them to be refreshed and enjoy the rest of the night.

As to the danger everyone has said it quite well.
If you have it use it.. I do the same thing and my wife's best friend is a nurse and she is all over me all of the time because there is the chance you may not wake up.. Of course you may get hit by a bus today also but, heck why not lessen the odds. good luck..
If you are waking up gasping for air and feel like you have been running, you are putting your body under great stress with your apnea episodes. Do you know what your apnea/hypopnea index was during your sleep study? That is the number of times per hour that you have an apnea. Depending on the severity of your apnea and given your symptoms when you wake up, I would make sure you use your CPAP every night--no excuses. It really scares me when people tell me about their heart racing and gasping for air.
If you haven't been getting headaches or you're thinking hasn't been clouded or compromised, you're lucky, though who knows how long that would last. The long-term danger of untreated sleep apnea is death; untreated, apnea puts strain on the heart over time. The danger is compounded if you have certain other conditions -- obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
And the odds of getting hit by a bus while you're sleeping with a CPAP are even less, so that's another argument for wearing it....

Eric James Bennett said:
If you have it use it.. I do the same thing and my wife's best friend is a nurse and she is all over me all of the time because there is the chance you may not wake up.. Of course you may get hit by a bus today also but, heck why not lessen the odds. good luck..
LOL - funny mental image "getting hit by a bus while you're sleeping with a CPAP", that's an angle I hadn't focused on. Of course if you are less fog brained, you are less accident prone. ;-}
Personally, I have tried to nap without my CPAP..and cannot. I stayed at a friends one night to watch her kids & didn't want to lug my machine over & had the worst night's "sleep" ever. I felt sick the next day. I just feel like crap if I do not use my machine, even for a couple hours. I wake up like you, choking & gasping for's very scary. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED..USE THE MACHINE!

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