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There are machines you want to avoid- one being the ResMed Escape because it only gives compliance data, and you'll want to get more data from the machine than that.  There comes a point where you just have to trust your doctor.  You would be completely in the dark choosing your own supplier and there is an advantage to the supplier and doctor having a relationship.  If later you find you want to change suppliers this is easily done.  I like the supplier I use now- the company is one that my second doc used (I have since changed docs, but kept the same DME)  Often any problems with a supplier can be solved or avoided by dealing with the same tech all of the time and if there's a problem a call to the supervisor- they don't want to lose your business.


There are many fine machines out there.  The brand doesn't matter. As I've said before, you want a machine that tells you AHI, AI, and leak at the very least.  Explain this to the supplier, tell him/her that you want to be involved in your care and learn all there is to learn about therapy.  There's a steep learning curve- you won't know exactly what to ask until you get into therapy.  I suggest going to and reading up on the popular machines- you may have some questions about what you read, ask us or ask the supplier.  One of the most important aspects to therapy is finding a mask that is comfortable and doesn't leak.  This takes practice.  You may want to have the supplier help fit you with a mask.  Did you like the mask used in your titration?  Find out their return policy, usually a mask can be exchanged for a different mask during the first 30 days.

Don't be scared. Get familiar with the machines.  Read the information available on the site. This is an excellent post-  I would not worry about copies of the sleep study aand such just yet.  It wasn't important to me.


I don't know of any lemon machines out there.  Before you actually use the machine you may want to write to the forum and ask if it's a good machine.  As I keep repeating, data capable.  You don't want a machine tht only tells the hours used.

Be alert, don't let the supplier rush you, get their phone number, be satisfied before they leave.

Don't be scared or nervous.

HI all i arnt sure if ive posted in the right place

Thanks for the welcome yes i am new to this i started treatment for sleep apnea about 4 weeks ago but i have been struggling big time i stuck with a mask that i could not get along with cos i did really long how long to struggle on trying with it . That in the end ive gone off sick from work  i then found hope2sleep site and Kath and have had lots of support from there i am just hoping as time goes on all the will become second nature to me . i am a comunity nurse in a little place in England called hornsea and have been nursing for the last 34 years  and even i have no idea about sleep apnea well untill i few weeks ago any way now it is time to learn again


Hi Gina, yes this is a fine place to post your intro.  Glad you are getting support from our UK sister site.  The mask fitting is the hardest part (one of them!) in getting used to using the machine.

Good luck, keep us posted.

Mary Z. 

i have a long way to go !!!!

Gina, we all have a long way to go.  It's just one night at a time.  Problems can come up for any of us at any time.  Of course we hope once you get going you never have to look back.  Keep us posted on your progress, please.

ok i will do thanks x



My name is Steve Sklar, and I’m a Minneapolis-based musician and sound-healer. Recently, I founded the Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network. Just launched in January, 2012, we already have 23 teacher members in nine countries! I invite you to visit us online at



We have so  many new members I thought I would bump this discussion up a notch- there is so much information in these 13 pages- be prepared for some reading!

My husband has had sleep apnea for a number of years. I have had an oximeter test which was abnormal. This is supposed to be 85% accurate in predicting whether a person has sleep apnea. My sleep study is scheduled for next weekend. Any tips or insights? I also have Afib and am on coumadin. I have been so sleepy, taking long naps and still sleeping at night.

susan finn said:

Hi, I'm Susan, from NC...I was diagnosed w/ OSA 3 years ago...went on my honeymoon for my 2nd marriage & my husband said, "Baby, you snore!"....well my ex had told me that, but his mouth was open which usually meant he was lying...actually, this time he was telling me the truth! Got back home from the honeymoon & when my hubby started threatening to sleep in the other room, I went to the E.N.T. b/c I thought it was sinus related, it wasn't & you all know what happened from there...I used to be very diligent about wearing my CPAP, but I've gotten slack lately, for one thing, hubby started truck driving over a year ago & now I don't have to worry about disturbing him w/ my snoring...I can most definitely tell a difference when I don't wear it, on a really bad night I wake up feeling like I've been run over by a train! A lot of days though I can't tell a big difference, until I get REAL sleepy at work or worse, driving!

I'm glad to have found this forum...sorry I'm such a bad example for consistent use!!!

you may have circulation problems try the oxymeter on the ear

Geez, I haven't been here in like....forever! Good to see this site is still pumping with lots of info and knowledgeable contributors! I see some folks on here that I know. Just thought I'd check in and see what's happening with the community! Hi y'all!

Carolyn, take something comfortable and loose to sleep in.  If you have a special pillow that you like take that.  Take a list of all your meds.  If you think you'll have any trouble sleeping with all the wires and gear ask your doctor for a sleeping pill.  It should not affect the results of the test. Take your evening/night meds with you or take them before you go.

Good luck and keep us posted on the results.

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