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liz4cps commented on liz4cps's group Prince William Co, VA support group
"BluePoint Medical* holding their next Remedy event on June 4 with Terry Cralle, RN on "Sleep in the Mordern Family".  They will also be checking CPAP machines and providing breakfast. Click on link above for more…"
May 7
Dan Lyons posted a discussion

CPAP & Dry Mouth

In recent months, I have developed extreme dry mouth as a result of the CPAP.  I am a mouth breather when using CPAP.Recently, I saw an advertisement for the symptoms of dry mouth, but as usual, when I need the information to have a discussion with both my primary care  physician and my dentist I haven't seen the ad. Has anyone else seen the ad and can anyone remember the info in the ad?Thanks in advance,DanSee More
Mar 30
richard graham posted a status
"My deductible is double what a machine is online but I can't get the machine set up. Any ideas?"
Mar 10
BeeAsleep posted a status
"Hi all. I am just checking in and saying hi after being gone for a long time. I am doing GREAT! Just got a new machine and mask. Feel like I"
Jan 23
BeeAsleep updated their profile
Jan 23
99 replied to Fred's discussion CPAP - cure worse than the disease
"Do not turn light on as this hinder you from falling asleep or choose red light instead which do not afect your sleep"
Oct 27, 2015
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"Hi Joan visiting pelham and I have osa"
Oct 27, 2015
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"Hi maths visiting pelham "
Oct 27, 2015
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"Hi Rhondda I am visiting pelham and have osa "
Oct 27, 2015
99 posted a discussion

Leaky gut

Do you have a leaky gutHow would you knowA telltale sign for leaky gut is Athletes footI wish to ask do you have or suffer from itThe reason I ask is maybe this is a common denominatorJust text yes or text noAnd if you are the first to text also keep a tallyExample38 yes 0 noYour input would alter the tally39 yes 0 noSo now I will input first1 yes. 0 noSee More
Sep 26, 2015
richard graham posted a status
"For the first time in a while I got a whole night sleep with my machine but woke up beat and left side of my head feels weird, not sure if"
Sep 2, 2015
Brendan Duffy posted a status
"How did you sl"
Jul 9, 2015
Pat Kniel updated their profile
Jul 7, 2015
ZolliStar replied to Fred's discussion CPAP - cure worse than the disease
"I'm wondering: what prompted you to consider whether you have sleep apnea in the first place? Also, waking throughout the night isn't uncommon especially as we (*sigh*) age.  I seem to every 90 minutes or so. This pattern probably…"
Jun 27, 2015
ZolliStar replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"You can try this website: I have a MAD (mandibular advancement device). Dr. Steven Park evaluated my mouth and throat (not everyone can use a MAD, it turns out) and pronounced me a candidate for it. The truth?  I…"
Jun 27, 2015
Mary Z replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"The link didn't work so me so I couldn't see the product.  I do have experience with a supposedly reliable boil and bite device.  I should know by now I have a small mouth and nothing regular size fits.  I don't think…"
Jun 27, 2015
richard graham replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"If I thought something could work other than this lousy cpap that would be awesome"
May 22, 2015
richard graham posted a status
"I moved and have been sick a lot and can't use cpap because of cough and I'm depressed a lot"
Apr 26, 2015
Fred posted a discussion

CPAP - cure worse than the disease

It's ironic that before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2000, I had no problem sleeping 8-9 hours a night. If I did wake up during the night, I had no problem falling right back to sleep, and I wasn't tired during the day.From the first night I brought home the CPAP I haven't had one decent night's sleep. Not one. I don't have any problem falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep. At first I was waking up after 4-5 hours and couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Now it's more like…See More
Apr 13, 2015
Fred updated their profile
Apr 13, 2015

Seniors: New Medicare Rule Makes It Impossible For Oral Appliance For Sleep Apnea To Be Covered

Medicare started covering oral appliances for sleep apnea in January, 2011 if certain conditions were met. These conditions included a face-to-face meeting with a doctor who prescribed a sleep study, a Medicare approved oral appliance, etc.

I met the conditions in 2011, and my regular dentist made the device. I self-filed to Medicare, and, after 6 months, Medicare finally paid. A close relative of mine met the conditions in mid-2012, and his dentist made the appliance. He self-filed, and after many months, Medicare paid him.

We had to self-file, because dentists do not accept Medicare, and Medicare did not pay for dental procedures until it started covering for oral appliances.

My wife recently met all the conditions, but Medicare informed me that a rule had recently changed, and he was required to read the new rule to me. This new rule is what makes it impossible (or, almost so) for an oral appliance to be covered.

This is the new rule: Dentists must be the ones to file for payment. To do so, a dentist must apply to Medicare to be a "Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplier". The agent told me Medicare does not have a list of dentists who are DME suppliers, and I will have to call around. I had no luck after many calls, so I wrote to one of sites that supply expert answers for a fee. Below is the response from the expert what explains the reality of the situation:

Expert:  Mark Bornfeld, DDS replied 1 day ago.

Hello-- I'm Mark Bornfeld, DDS. Welcome, and thank you for putting your trust in me!

 "Your search for a dentist registered as a "Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplier" is almost certainly doomed to be futile. This is because registration as a Medicare supplier brings a dentist under the significant and onerous burden of compliance with a wide list of Federal regulations. Although it makes sense and seems self-evident that bringing dental service under the Medicare program is the right thing to do, dentists as a rule are grateful that we are not bound by Medicare regulations. And because the provision of oral sleep appliances is such a relatively small aspect of clinical dental care, there would be almost no incentive to assume the burden of Medicare regulation."


It is reasonable to conclude that Medicare knows this and has deliberately put up a blockade to keep Seniors from being covered in order to save money. Or, a scheme to force dentists to join. 


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Mindful that Medicare was going to cut benefits as a result of ObamaCare (and its associated costs), I started pursuing getting a dental device in the summer of 2013. My dentist is Barry Chase, DDS located in Long Island, New York with an office in New York City. (I've seen him at both locations.)

I now use a device and alternate between it and my APAP. The device is great for travel: it fits in my handbag!

I will notice a downside, however: I think the jaw advancement has had a slightly negative effect. I often feel enough pain near the ear area when I use my APAP that I have to switch back to the mouth device in the middle of the night. I suspect the ear pain has been caused by a misalignment of my jaw courtesy of the device.

A few notes about getting a device:

1.  I was evaluated by Steven Y. Park, M.D. for a device. Some do not have appropriate mouth and throat structures to benefit from the use of a MAD (Mandible Advancement Device) but, fortunately, I do. Dr. Park was able to assess this via examination.

2.  I suspect (and will return to the dentist to check on this) that use of the device has slightly altered my bite. (I already mentioned the pain problem that I believe may have been caused by a slight misalignment.) If I'm right on these two counts, this is Not Good.

Still, overall I am pleased with the MAD. This is the case even though I am very pleased with my APAP and have no problems using it. Indeed, I feel a certain comfort just from "strapping up" with my mask, chin strap, et cetera for the night. I think this is because I know I'll be rewarded with a good night of sleep!

I hope this helps.

need  to claim grandfather rights

and say this is not what i sign up for and challenge their decision

by claiming grandfather rights

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