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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15

Well, at least one American has gotten a Resmed S9 Auto.


Not too impressed w/the extra cord and power brick, one of the things disliked about the Respironics devices. Not at all impressed w/the humidifier water tank, difficult to access, difficult to clean. And not too happy w/the data display either. This person says while it provides the AI via the LCD screen it doesn't provide the HI or AHI, at least not that he/she's been able to find on the LCD screen. Some are not happy about the hose attachment in the rear instead of the front, but the poster hasn't complained about that. While it is a good looking device, IMO, it does sound like the designers took a step backward in time, and not an appealing step backward at that. I'm not so sure it is going to gain the popularity of the S8s at all.


For those thinking of buying a backup xPAP I'd suggest picking up an S8 or S8 II whilst they last!!!

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so they're discontinuing the S8? Also, where did the American buy the S9, was it through an overseas source?
No, a few locals have gotten them in already. Not many, but a few.
ok. but is it ResMed's plan to discontinue the S8 now?

Judy said:
No, a few locals have gotten them in already. Not many, but a few.
Well, I certainly would think so. WHY would they bother to continue to manufacture both S8s and S9s? They've already discontinued the S8 ResLink.

And by the way: cpappro on Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:06 pm said:
"The power brick was a necessity for this device. This unit uses more power due to the new features and the power supply had to be external because the device would become too hot. Also, to continue to make the cpap smaller the power supply has to be external just like laptops."

Not that that makes me any happier or more enthused about the S9s and a *&^% power brick, but .... I've lost all my enthusiasm for them.
Thanks Judy!! I was interested in the S9's, not like I can afford one now anyway. But as you know I would love to get my hands on an S8 autoset II, but then when I saw the S9 I could feel the drool building up as it looked so cool. Now that my bubble has been burst and I am back to reality I will still look for the S8 autoset II.

Same with the PR System One. I would love to see one close up as I am not impressed with the look of it for the photos I have seen.
Yes, I was excited about the S9 data capabilities and liked its appearance - but I've lost all interest due to the power brick, second cord and integrated humidifier.
About the S9's H5i integrated, heated humidifer by two different users:

"Its is a monolitics piece (cannot be taken apart) of plastic but the DME provider told me I would get a different one in a month or two because there are known issues with it. Additionally it sits in a recess and it is hard to grab. The humidifier cover/door is awkward to close you need to slide the latch push on the cover and release the latch."


"The H5i is available with a standard or cleanable water tub:

* The standard tub is a one-piece tub that is designed to be replaced every six months.
* The cleanable water tub is easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. It is also suitable for multi-patient use in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab."
Out of curiosity, what is such a deal breaker about a power brick for the S9, PR System One or any CPAP machine for that matter? Seems like a minor inconvenience to me at best. Maybe it's because I've been a musician for years and about every pedal or effect I had what we called a "wall wart". At least with my System One as with my laptop, the "brick" is not the part that plugs into the wall or power bar or whatever.

As for the look of the System One, mine looks fine to me. It's not a decorative item by any stretch of the imagination but it's a nice looking utilitarian device. It looks good on my night stand... actually better than mine or my wife's clock radios. And I'm a gadgets guy to begin with. I love to have good looking electronic toys ;)The System One does not look out of place in our bedroom, much less so anyway than the S8 would IMO. I admit that, personally, I much prefer how the S9 looks over the S8... more my style. But I haven't used either. At the DME, had I not been already set on the System One in my mind, it would have caught my eye a lot more than the S8. Matter of taste I guess ;)

But in any case, wouldn't the way it works for you when you breathe be a much more important criteria than looks?
Judy is the "Simon Cowell' of the PAP world Stephane.
If you ever traveled w/the S8, especially if changing motels each night, you would appreciate NOT having that second cord and power brick!!! And NOT having the platform of the M Series. Less QUICKLY becomes better!
Say what?? Simon Cowell? He who was described by the The Times as representing the "heartless, thoughtless and superficial – the flotsam and jetsam of the polluted seas of celebrity that is likely to sink without trace into toxic foam"? He who did not get along well with colleagues and bosses, until his father who was executive at the recording giant EMI Music Publishing, managed to get him a job in the mail room? He who was voted the tenth most terrifying celebrity on television in a Radio Times poll consisting of 3,000 people?

Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near that rich!! *sigh*

I'm glad to see we agree about the S9s and S8s, jnk. *wicked grin*
I meant in the way you critique PAP judy.

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