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Nasal Irrigation/Sinus Rinse - Isotonic vs. Hypertonic Solution & Xylitol

I currently have started regularly using the nasal irrigation (the neilmed bottle with Isotonic solution). I have OSA, chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, and swollen turbinates. I have found the nasal irrigation has helped. I was wondering if others have found the Hypertonic solution to be better than the Isotonic. I'm trying to attack all issues at once, since they all relate in some way and are difficult to tackle one at a time.

Some relevant info:
Hypertonic Saline Solution
These guys also include xylitol in their rinse:


Note: I also take singulair at night and omnaris (1x spray each nostril morning & night).

So basically I'm asking:

1) What do people think of hypertonic vs. isotonic saline solution?
2) Any thoughts on Xylitol?


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Nasal irrigation with saline is a great way of addressing many nasal/sinus issues. Regarding isotnic vs. hypertonic, the debate has been going on for years. There are proponents of both. Hypertonic works better because it's saltier and therefore decongests your nasal membranes much more effectively. However, there are studies that show that hypertonic saline immobilizes the cilia of the nasal mucous membranes. Either way, you need to experiment with both and keep using whichever works better for you. I don't have any experience with Xylitol nasal spray. There are dozens of various nasal saline preparations.
If your sinusitis is not caused by allergies and you have swollen turbinates then I think hypertonic solution will probably work better for you. Hypertonic solution is less comfortable than isotonic but has far greater evidence to support its efficacy.

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