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richard graham replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"If I thought something could work other than this lousy cpap that would be awesome"
richard graham posted a status
"I moved and have been sick a lot and can't use cpap because of cough and I'm depressed a lot"
Apr 26
Fred posted a discussion

CPAP - cure worse than the disease

It's ironic that before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2000, I had no problem sleeping 8-9 hours a night. If I did wake up during the night, I had no problem falling right back to sleep, and I wasn't tired during the day.From the first night I brought home the CPAP I haven't had one decent night's sleep. Not one. I don't have any problem falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep. At first I was waking up after 4-5 hours and couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Now it's more like…See More
Apr 13
Fred updated their profile
Apr 13
ZolliStar posted a discussion

New mouth device on the market

I've been hearing advertising for this product over the past few days.  It's sold as something to help snoring, but as I look at the information it seems to me that it would work just as well as my mandibular advancement device (MAD).In other words, this could help some of us with sleep apnea.Read about it here.Anybody have any thoughts about this?  See More
Mar 31
99 replied to Mary Z's discussion AHI finally under five.
"Hi Richard I mainly use an empty humidifier as it reduces noise"
Feb 16
richard graham left a comment for richard graham
"When I can afford it I'd like to get New machine with heated tube"
Feb 10
richard graham replied to Mary Z's discussion AHI finally under five.
"I would like to see this forum active again as well. I will be more aware of what's going on"
Feb 10
ZolliStar posted a discussion

If you have trouble falling asleep....

I thought that when I got my sleep apnea diagnosis, that -- at last! -- all my sleep problems had come to an end.Ha!I have trouble falling asleep. Indeed, I rarely feel sleepy at night although I do feel tired. I even cut back on computer at night, etc., etc. (and installed f.lux on my computer) but I still had trouble. Now I'm doing something different: wearing special glasses (Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear glasses). They block out the blue -- and they're making a difference! First I tried…See More
Feb 1
99 replied to 99's discussion colloidal silver
"i have purchased some silver the make my own colloidal silver"
Dec 21, 2014
99 replied to 99's discussion colloidal silver
"just add to the distilled water it is antimicrobial eg cleans your machine and is beneficial for keeping you healthy  from bugs germs viruses you get the picture and when you need to clean the humidifier out, put water on your plants the silver…"
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z left a comment for richard graham
"If the heated tube works with your machine I would try that.  They also make covers for your tubing which may help some.  I think the heated tube may be your answer.  Keep us posted."
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z left a comment for richard graham
"Richard, some folks just use the humidifier in a Passover mode.  They just don't turn it on, but let the air pick up moisture without heat."
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z replied to 99's discussion colloidal silver
"99, where have you been?  Do you add the colloidal silver to your humidifier?"
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z replied to Andy's discussion Resmed S8 AutoSet II - No Longer Collecting Data??
"I Andy, I realize I'm months behind your post.  I have no idea why your S8 would stoop collecting data.  I'm glad to hear  you're having such improvement with your apnea.  I have made great strides since I changed…"
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z replied to Andy's discussion Resmed S10 AirSense - Anyone have one? Any feedback?
"Andy, just found your post.  I don't know anything about this new machine.  How are you liking your new ResMed?"
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z left a comment for Kay Day
"Kay, I haven't been around myself and miss the old, active forum."
Dec 21, 2014
Mary Z left a comment for richard graham
"Hi Richard,  I don't bother with a humidifier.  Someone on the forum suggested not using it and I'm a lot less congested without it.  A good AHI is under 5.  I use the Wisp and have been since it came out.  I think…"
Dec 21, 2014
hifay replied to Mary Z's discussion Sleep apnea increases risk of osteoporosis
"Always something. Thanks for the information."
Dec 21, 2014
99 posted a discussion

colloidal silver

a humidifier can be used with colloidal silverthis can keep the humidifier clean for day maybe weeks or longer without the need to clean the humidifiersilver colloidal is antimicrobial and you could just top up your humidifier without cleaning and at the same time treat your bodyor you just put silver on it own into the humidifierSee More
Dec 20, 2014

Hi there,


I am having issues with my full face mask.  First mask I tried was the Quattro mask but it kept moving too close to my eyes while sleeping and my skin was irritated.  They immediately gave me the Quattro FX mask but I am having trouble with it too.  I have wore it twice and then by Friday I woke up with extremely dry skin with my eyes draining.  I tried to put moisturizer on my face during the day to alleviate the dryness and tightness but it majorly burn.  Again I had to give the mask a break so that my skin could heal as well as my eye areas.  It look like wrinkle alligator skin and now is flaking of dry skin.  My face hurt to move throughout the weekend due to tightness and uncomfortableness.  Today is my skin is a little better.  I let my doctor and DME know and they gave me several options.  DME thinks I am allergic to it and think I should try nasal pillows.  I have several questions and wonder if anyone dealt with the same problems like me.  I REALLY think the air from vent is deflecting into my eyes. 


Doctor said I should try the Liberty mask by ResMed which she said I wont have to worry about the air blowing into your eyes.  However part of the mask is nasal pillows and that give me major concerns.  During my titration study, they try a nasal mask on me but I about had a panic attack.  The air from the nasal mask burn in my nose and I felt like I could not breathe.  Is that normal and something I have to get use to?  I am sure I have a slight deviated septum and get several sinus infections every year with constant congestion.

Another option is to try the CPAP mask liners from but they do not have a liner for Quattro FX.  Has anyone got these liners for the Quattro FX and it improve their skin problems? 

I also they suggested to wash my mask everyday and make sure my face is clean right before sleeping with mask.


I am torn because I do not know what I should and I am really scared to try something due reactions from my skin.  Has anybody dealt with this before?  Or should I try nasal pillows even though I can hardly breathe through my nose?  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  I am ready to throw in the towel on this.  Corinne


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I would believe due to your deviated septum, using a Liberty mask might be in your best interest.  The pressure into your nostrils would not seem as intense because your have the mouth portion as well.  Claustrophobia is not an unusual problem to develop with starting therapy.  You may wish to bring the new mask home, try it on again and use it for a short period of time with therapy using your ramp button. You may need to do this several times before sleeping with it.  Also occupying yourself while you are trying to 'desensitize' yourself to the new mask by reading or watching tv.
Hi Corinne--- I recently got the Swift Mirage FX nasal pillows mask, it is heaven to me, it has a supply tube that's like a slinky, it moves freely in all directions, but I have to wear a chinstrap underneath, the DME sent me the Cardinal/Carefusion/Primier "Puresom" it's a great chinstrap, not too bulky, not too unsubstantial, and he did say when I asked about a fullface mask "Liberty" was the first recommend. Let us know how you are doing.

Thanks!  I am torn on whether getting mask liners for mask and try the mask again.  Or just try the Liberty mask even though my nose is congested most of the time. 

The chinstrap does not sound appealing since I am constantly breathing through my mouth day and night.  I noticed that I have drooled some into my face mask.  My skin is still extremely dry but no longer hurt when I put on moisturizer on my face.

Okay, so my sleep clinic is letting me stop in tomorrow to get some mask liners.  She also recommend that I wash my mask today in Dawn w/Bleach (or Ajax w/bleach) to get rid of everything that might irritating my skin.  Keeping my hopes up in knowing all will improve over time.  Thanks everyone!
Hi Corinne, I have been using for about a week now food grade glycerine from "NOW foods" It is a moisturiser and a protectant from "wind burn" it is waterbased and slightly stickey thus helps mask seal better.AYR nasal gell can also help but is more money . My wind burn has stopped . Night time eye gell will help with dry eye . Good Sleep,Chris
I am having trouble with masks at the moment I finally got used to using my nasal mask but it was starting to rub the corner of one eye because I am a side sleeper so when I went to my appointment on Monday they gave me a nasal pillow to try being the UK NHS I could not bring my original mask home due to costs (even though they know where I live) anyway I just can't get used to the leaks from the pillow I have not had a good nights sleep this week the thing was the technician only put it against my nose not even bothering to find out what sized pillow I need I have just telephoned them to ask for my original mask back am still waiting for a reply but it will probably now be Monday before anything changes. On my last mask I mamanged to sleep for hours every night for four weeks. So frustrating to get things done never see the same person twice at the clinic.

I used to have problems with the Mirage Quattro FF mask leaking on the bridge of my nose and shooting an irritating stream of air into my eyes. But I've come up with a new way of putting my mask on that seems to help.


Rather than placing the mask directly onto the bridge of my nose I place it mid nose and slide it up towards the bridge of my nose stopping just a bit short. I think this method creates more contact between the mask membrane and my nose for a better seal and less leeking.


Best of luck, Tom 

Have you found any relief ......?

Hey Chris,  I found some relief the mask liners which I got my order today.  I am still dealing with air blowing into my eyes.  Might end getting a eye mask to wear.  It slowly getting better.  Once my frustration and anxiety goes down I will relax and hopefully eventually get use to a mask on my face while sleeping.  I do get frustrated to trying to comfortable sleeping on my side with the mask.  I finally will see my sleep doctor next week so we will see. I never heard of food grade glycerine from "NOW foods".


Tom I will try that technique.  Thanks

Well this mask kept blowing air into my eyes and my sleep doctor did not like that.  I traded my Quattro FX mask for the Liberty Hybrid mask.  I will always have some leaks apparently since my face is so tiny.  So far this mask is more bearable and no skin breakouts and little leaks.  This is my third mask and hope it my last one.  I am noticing that for the last few days I have been waking up at 4 or 5am and take off the mask then go back to sleep. I guess I get sick of it.  Shame on  Now I need to break this habit. After a month of sleep with the CPAP sporadically people already commented that I sound and look better.  Woohoo!
Can you obtain the Pad a Cheek liners in the uk. Apparently the reason the Nasal Pillow did not work is because I have a very slight bend in my nose? so back to my Mirage Softgel Nasal Mask but for a birthday treat to myself I have ordered a Sleepweaver Mask I hope this works because it cost £100-00 our NHS do not supply them will let you know the outcome when it arrives 

Mike C (at the Beach!) said:
I had found BOTH my Quattro & then FX useless. I tried Pad A Cheek mask liner=FIXED my problems. ALL of them it seems. She also adds a little "exrta" padding to the NOSE BRIDGE. No MORE SKIN IRRITATION, no more leaks. I have now set a new world record...6 nights of full 8 hours sleep. First time on almost 50 years. The BEST part is unlike the expensive RemZzzs liners, these are fully ATTACHED. Just work perfect and I can pop off the mask all I need to and no goofing around to line everything up. I tried that $15.00 gel pad too. For ONE night & tossed it! Try just one single Pad A Cheek. But mention to Karen you have a problem with stuff near your eyes. She has a new style out now to help with that. I have 3 more on the way. Now I have 4 masks but will never, EVER take off my Quattro that I used to cuss for most the next day....

Hi Corinne, Now foods products are not carried by regular grocery stores a health food type store or on line will get you there. Their is also Chapstick it is helpful in preventing wind burn on your face not just lips.I hope you find relief soon I know its frusterating Keep looking for your solutions, When it is set up just right for you their will be a lot more than 1 woohoos for you.Good Sleep,Chris

Corinne said:

Hey Chris,  I found some relief the mask liners which I got my order today.  I am still dealing with air blowing into my eyes.  Might end getting a eye mask to wear.  It slowly getting better.  Once my frustration and anxiety goes down I will relax and hopefully eventually get use to a mask on my face while sleeping.  I do get frustrated to trying to comfortable sleeping on my side with the mask.  I finally will see my sleep doctor next week so we will see. I never heard of food grade glycerine from "NOW foods".


Tom I will try that technique.  Thanks

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