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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15, 2018

Insomnia Study Fails to Screen for Sleep-Disordered Breathing


Here we go again, another study about sleep and there is no indication the participants were screened for sleep-disordered breathing. When will the medical profession catch on to the fact that the vast majority of elders (and the majority of those younger) with sleep problems have sleep-disordered breathing as the root cause? If they had given those patients CPAP and a course on how to use it dramatic results would have been obtained.

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its a money  making buiiness, to stop that, business by not colaberating properly to stop that happening need to regulate

In order to do a study based on insomnia all other conditions would have been ruled out. Insomnia as an underlying symptom of apnea is not true insomnia.


Rooster if you continue to seek out the negative you will continue to find it. This industry is not all bad. Many people have been helped.

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