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But when I finally got time to answer them, it says they are no longer a member.  What gives?  Does this website get it's fair share of scammers, too?

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Kate,  i noticed the person you are referring to was spamming our members and then banned the person as soon as i could.  fighting spam is an ongoing crusade when you're trying to maintain a popular website with a lot of people on it, and SleepGuide certainly has its fair share of would-be spammers.  

like they say about terrorists, though, "if you see something, say something" -- i personally will be happy to ban anyone i hear about who has spammed our members.  and so will Mary Z, Kath Hope and others who patrol the site for the betterment of all Sleep Apnea sufferers looking for quality information free of garbage.

Thanks.  I appreciate all you do.  After 25 years of being on a CPAP machine, I used to think I was a pretty crusty know-it-all when it came to sleep apnea. Boy was I wrong!  I absolutely LOVE this site!  Thanks again.

the site's all about people like you, Kate.  real people working through real problems and sharing their experiences and wisdom with others.  keep at it.  i appreciate it as do many others whom you will never know but who admire your ability to speak out and take control. 


Yes, I'm always happy to rid this site of spammers whilst you're all asleep ;)  Being in the UK means the this site can be actively monitored almost 24/7 due to our different time zones :)

Yes, we get our fair share of spammers and a troll or two.  Don't waste time aswering them, let us know and Mike will ban them  Mike and I take the day shift and Kath in the UK the night shift.  LOL!  An odd one still slips through.

They are scared of me at this point.

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