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60 days without a cigarette!

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well done

it takes seven years to say you have completely kicked the habit

well done 

Everyone I know who quit reported that they quit for good once they passed the 60-day mark.Well, you passed it. YOU'VE QUIT FOR GOOD! 

As for the risk of gaining weight?  I'll simply refer you back to the YouTube that you posted a while ago (and which I've sent around to all my friends):


Great news, Rock.  Please keep it up.

Kudos, Rock!!!! I'm so proud of you! My first attempt to quit smoking I made it just about 90 days. In that 3 months I gained 20 pounds so I went back to smoking. (Hey, we all make our own choices and have our own priorities).


So - voice of experience: watch your weight closely, don't make excuses for an extra pound or two. Exercise, watch your diet carefully especially portions, eat healthy, be especially wary of sweets of any kind (your brain is trying to replace the nicotine w/sugar), diet sodas increase your appetite.

Where have you been Judy?!


Ive gained 3ilbs in 60 days.


3 lbs in 60 days??? Wow! Good on you, Rock. That is not easy! I'm pruod of you, my man!

HoKay, Rock. FINALLY after all this time I am using my VPAP Auto in Spontaneous mode w/smooth, easy transitions from IPAP to EPAP, I'm at IPAP 14, EPAP 10 and I'm fairly consistently getting 0 AIs and low HIs for consistently under 3 AHIs. Whew! Took some doing, a few temper tantrums, much that I learned from you and lots of time w/one change at a time, one week at a time, BUT I finally made it!


I've been into my genealogy again pretty hot and heavy, and visiting the healingwell Crohn's disease forum w/occasional visits here, at apnea support and at cpaptalk. I don't always post when I visit anymore but I do still peek in on occasion.


I'm doing really well w/the A fib. No A fib episodes since the 3rd day of Rythmol last year. Just recently finished a 21 day event monitor which substantiated my claims of no A fib. Tried to talk the cardiologist into backing off to the "pill in the pocket" approach but he wasn't buying into it - yet. He says it is too soon.


In August another 21 day event monitor and if no events he'll consider stopping the warfarin. Then, MAYBE, 6 months after that we can talk about the "pill in the pocket" approach. My guess is he figgers the COPD will eventually cause more A fib even w/the current low doses of Toprol and Rythmol. But I didn't ask and he didn't tell. *wicked grin*


Sometimes ignorance is bliss and this leaves me something to "bug" him about instead of just obediently going along w/what he suggests w/o a little bit of reisistance at least to keep things from going too smoothly for him. Gotta keep these docs awake and on their toes, you know.


congrats, Rock.  What an accomplishment!  you deserve to feel very proud of yourself.  keep it up.  

there's a commercial here in the NYC area about lung cancer/ quitting smoking.  it talks about how hard it is to hear your doctor tell you you've got cancer.  hard on you, but the commercial's kicker is how hard it would be to tell your kids that you're dying of cancer.

Excellent!  Good for you!  If you ever have or even THINK you're going to have a moment of weakness, take a small shot of Tabasco sauce and put it between your lower lip and your gum.  After 20 years of trying to quit, that one little trick FINALLY got me over the hump.  I STILL carry a bottle in my purse to this day!  It is simply amazing how fast your your desires for a cig can change when your mouth is on fire and you've got tears rolling down your face... It works!

Great news Rock!!!

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