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How... and how often do you clean your cpap hose and nasal pillows??

Not quite sure what to use since I certainly don't want any kind of an odor or fragrance to come through the next time I use it. Thanks.

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personally, i clean the nasal pillows -- well, actually it's a cushion for my mask -- with CPAP mask wipes (which are sold online, including at but filling up a basin with a little sudsy water and washing them off in there is fine, too -- just use a very mild cleanser -- I use a little Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo sometimes.

about the CPAP hose, honestly, i don't clean mine. I use it for about a month or so, then dispose of it and use a new one.

that's just my way, though -- I'm sure others will chime in with different approaches that are just as valid (or more so)
I clean my hose using hot water and a small amount of a mild soap in the sink.
Fill one end, holding the other end lower so the tube is completely full.
Let it sit in the hot soapy water for 15 minutes or so.
Pour a little water out of the hose and cover both ends with thumbs, give it a good shaking.
Rinse with clear water.
I do this daily.
Good Luck!
Dish soap is fine to clean with. How often is up to you. What are you going to be comfortable with? Some clean it everyday, while others on a weekly or monthly basis. I would suggest that you change your water as often as possible. the wipes that Mike suggested are wonderful!
Do the wipes work for the Swift (only nasal pillows)?
I don't clean either of them any more. Vinegar works well for cleaning the hose (don't use vinegar on your mask because it could damage the soft parts). If there is any vinegar odor left after a thorough rinsing, rinsing with baking soda will neutralize any vinegar odor.
The wipes will work on any mask. They are like baby wipes.

Carolyn said:
Do the wipes work for the Swift (only nasal pillows)?
I clean my mask and hose with liquid Ivory soap. Once a month or if I have a cold I rinse with either a vinegar or weak bleach solution and rinse well under running water.
I am a bit paranoid so the weak bleach solution maybe over kill.
After the cleaning connect hose and mask to CPAP and let it run for 15 minutes to dry.
I clean the water reservoir weekly with vinegar.
vinegar reduces the surface tension of the water and there should be less drying time it is one cc per hundred gallons is the formula, you do not need a lot and it reduces capillary attraction this is not the same as disinfection
Full strength, or a 50:50 solution of white or cider vinegar is an effective sanitizer if it is left in contact with the surface for several minutes (the acid kills many pathogens).

A combination of full strength white or cider vinegar (5% acetic acid) and 3% hydrogen peroxide creates peracetic acid, which is a very effective disinfectant -- it is much safer than chlorine bleach and it can be more effective at killing pathogens. Do not mix the vinegar and peroxide until you are ready to use it.
I've been using my CPAP for exactly 60 nights. I have both a nasal pillows mask, and a nasal mask.

I clean the mask each night before use. I take it apart, use one small squirt of Clearasil Acne Clearing Gel Wash (I have an almost-teenage daughter, so this stuff is always available, and I buy a 6oz bottle for $2.00!), rub it onto the nasal pillows and other plastic parts, then rinse it off with hot water. I also wash my face with the same soap, as it effectively cleans all of the skin oils.

I clean the hose every few days, by running hot water through it. the hose end fits just right onto my bathroom faucet, so I hold it on, and run the water until it comes steaming out the other end.

I rinse my humidifier tank with hot water each night before refilling with distilled water.

That's all I've done so far, and it seems to be working.

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