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Expert Interview: Expert Help For Your CPAP Problems with Nicole Garrison of Philips Respironics

This month, I’ve invited Ms. Nicole Garrison, Clinical Specialist for Philips Respironics, to answer your questions about your most common CPAP problems. Some of the questions she will answer will be:

#1.  What can I do about skin irritation/breakdown on my nose/face?

#2. How can I stop the pressure Leaks, & is there options for mask discomfort?

#3.  I feel like I cannot exhale against the pressure, what can I do?

#4. Do I have any options if I cannot tolerate the pressure during inhalation and exhalation?

#5.  Why am I waking up with my mask off next to me?

#6.  What can I do about dryness/dry mouth?

#7. What if I do not feel better, even with wearing CPAP every night?

And many more…

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I highly recommend Dr. Park's expert interview with Nicole Garrison.  All of his seminars have been very interesting.  In this one Nicole Garrison of Respironics is going to address some of the most Common problems we see with newcomers.  Even though I am not new to 'PAP therapy I figure these problems could crop up again at any time.  The information will also give us ideas on how to help newcomers with the problems we see most often.

If you go to his website you will see a list of some of his other interviews which can be purchased in an MP3 format for $17.00.  I am in no way affiliated with Dr. Park and receive no renumeration for mentioning his interviews.  I just think it's worth the money to get the scoop on sleep apnea surgery and other subjects.


I think when you register you also get an option to listen in from your web browser.

I would second what Mary Z has said about Dr Park's seminars, they are always worth listening to.   You can listen via the web, Skype or by phone and there is the opportunity to ask questions both before and during the talks. Listening to the talks live is free.

I live in the UK and have had sleep apnea for many years.  I've learned far more about my condition in the last year through listening to Dr Park than I'd found out in the previous 20!

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