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Every morning I wake up with CPAP mask imprints all over my face and neck from the mask.  Its embarrassing cause when I get to work eveyone is asking what is going on with my face and neck   Is there a way to prevent this from happening.  I get so tired of explaining whats going on.

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you can check out the Sleep Comfort Pad from Sequel

I've attached their marketing brochure to this message so you can review.

There are also other mask comfort products out there, which i'm sure our members know better than I do about. . .
tell them you go scubba diving
and its marks off of the mask

you are on cpap as aposed to apap

cpap give raw air with no amelaration
where as apap give some sort of amelaration

i need to look up what amelaration means

Noun 1. amelioration - the act of relieving ills and changing for the better
melioration, betterment
improvement - the act of improving something; "their improvements increased the value of the property"
you could try they make covers for you mask straps and they are great. i use them every night, and no more lines.

I would recommend Pad A Cheek as well. Very soft, fleece coverings for mask headgear and parts. If you are getting marks around your nose, or nose and mouth, there is a product called Remzzzzzs--little fabric cut-outs that sit between your skin and the cushion.
It sounds as though you have the straps too tight. When you put your mask on, the headgear should be lose enough that you can slide a finger between the headgear and your face. Otherwise, when the pressure increases it'll be too tight and can cause pressure ulcers.
I would go to the medical equipment company that provided you your mask and let them help you. It may be that is not the best mask for you. Good luck.
Yeah, Jason, I guess I probably have somewhat poor, non- elastic skin which marks easily and the marks fade very slowly. I switched to a FitLife Total Face Mask by Respironics and now the marks are down the side of my face rather than a sore on the bridge of my nose. Every night I loosen the straps to fit comfortably and then adjust the mask and tighten the straps as necessary. My pressure is high, too, which makes it difficult. The other items mentioned are good products to try
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