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My nose is really sore from sneezing and blowing my nose.  I use the pillow-type cpap and need something to put on/in my nose that won't ruin the nose pillows.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Ayr gel can help smooth and repair I believe.  sold at any walgreens, CVS, etc.   will not ruin the nose pillows as far as i know.

I, too, use nose pillows. When I have a cold, I use an unscented moisturiser - Eucerin is good. If you use it throughout the day (not just a bed time), you should find that your nose is getting much less hard and cracked, and your nose pillows much more comfortable. I haven't had any issues with damaging the nose pillows, but *do* wash your nose pillows and hose daily during a cold (if you don't already!), to help prevent prolonging the cold by reinfection (or follow-on sinusitis - learned that the hard way!). One of the benefits that I find with CPAP - colds don't last as long as they used to, thanks to the hurricane blowing in my nose and giving me better sleep than with a cold before CPAP.

When I have a really stuffy cold I have to sleep in a recliner, even with CPAP, just to keep my airway open.

Hope you get over your cold soon!

Thanks for the info, Richard.  I'll give it a try.  I can't use any allergy meds beccause they give me awful anxiety attacks so I'm sort of stuck. 



Lanolin works well.

I was told not to use lanolin by someone in the forum, so now I just use dry skin lotion, whatever I have handy.  They all work.  I was also told not to use anything that has a conditioner in it.  I think that came from the Swift FX for her info booklet.

Thanks for replying.

My understanding is that anything with petroleum products such as vasoline or some lotions should not be used as this may breakdown the silicone. Be careful that the lotions are not scented if you're appying right before CPAP. 

Many users have found lanolin (best is the Lansinoh brand, the NOW brand was yellow &sticky) to soothe and use a very tiny dab just before CPAP and helps seal the pillow. Ayr is simply saline, water soluble, but did not work for me. Be careful with any of these products as the air pressure could drive any larger amount down to your lungs.

If lotions and gels are out, you might ask if water-soluble lubricants (like KY, typically used on other, more intimate body parts) might work. I haven't tried them, but the basic versions are unscented and contain no petroleum products. *All* products have a risk of interactions, use any product with care. I have skin problems with synthetics and wool (so lanoliin can be an issue), but that's *my* skin, not yours - your nose and internals are different than other people's, so be careful using anything new, especially when you're going to have your nose in contact with it, and also inhale it, all night!

Hi Rita, Clear vegatable glycerine by" now" products has been helpfull and is non harmfull.Good Sleep,Chris

That's a good point, Richard. Lanolin does have hypersensitivity issues, so maybe put the product on the skin first unless you've been previously using lanolin creams without reaction. My experience was that the water soluble products such as Ayr did not lubricate enough. Chris, if you tried the vegetable glycerine product to prevent pillow irritation, I might try this next.. pillow irritation is a chronic problem for me.

I can not use Ayr, it bothers my nose. I will find the vegetable glycerine product and give it a try to have something else to use. Thanks

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