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I have been reading posts about different chin straps actually causing more apnea episodes....I have ordered a Resperonics Premium chin strap is this a good model or should I try another one.....all I want is to stop the leakage through my mouth...I use the nose pillows mask....does anyone out there use this chin strap with successful results???

I would appreciate your stories thank you.

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The Respironics Premium chin strap is a good one. However, it's really just a matter of what is comfortable and what works for each person. My experience with people using chin straps is that often they do not keep the mouth completely closed. Some people just have very relaxed and strong jaws which defy the chin strap. There are more elaborate chin straps which surround the entire head, but unless you are able to tighten them enough to prevent the jaw from opening, they might not work either. In this case, you will need to go to a full face mask which covers mouth and nose so that if your mouth does open, the pressure will not be lost. Otherwise, you will not be receiving therapy at all.
Personally, I've found that I really like the Respironics basic white chin strap PN 302175. Its one of the cheapest. But it works for me and is so much more comfortable than their basic black one w/the hole for the chin. I found the material (I think the same as used for headgear) irritating to me chin after one or two nights.

The basic white one has a nice, silky cradle for the chin attached to a strap to go up the side of the your head and attach at the top of your head. It comes w/4 small velcro squares. Put one on the lower strap of your mask headgear on each side, and use the other two to attach the strap ends at the top of your head. This allows some adjustment to avoid pushing your jaw back as some of the chin straps seem to do.
I had a mouth breathing problem for months (probably years) that I solved a few weeks ago with the Respironics Premium chinstrap. How do I know? I have a fully data capable machine and the software to read it with, and have seen my leak go down significantly. I have also used flimsier/cheaper chinstraps, without any luck. But this respironics premium chin strap is really pretty darn good.
Thanks is very reassuring knowing someone else has struggled with mouth breathing as well and found a solution to the problem....I am very anxious to start therapy with this chin strap--thank you all for your feedback

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