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Waking up with sore throat and barely able to talk - HELP

I've been using my CPAP since June. During that time, I have had maybe one or two rain outs at the beginning but that's about it. I clean the tubing weekly, and I use wipes for the mask designed for CPAP machines. I use the wipes daily.

For the past week or so, when I wake up, I take the mask off, and I am unable to talk -- I mean I can talk but my voice is completely gone -- raspy,'s awful.

I don't know if this is the CPAP fault or something else...but it's terrible in the morning.

I do have the humidifier on, use distilled water and change it every other day (the distilled water usually lasts two days when I fill the machine).

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what the problem may be?

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Do you have post nasal drip? How do you feel the rest of the day?

I had strep throat as a child so often I was unable to talk for 8 and 1/2 months during my senior year. I am told my throat is full of scar tissue. The last two times I have had to go to the doctor for not feeling well and being under the weather she has made comments about my throat being nasty looking and red streaked. Yet my throat hasn't hurt. I have contributed it to the scarring (but hey what do I know).

I have severe allergies and deal with post nasal drip much of the time. I think it causes the throat irritation, cough, and at times hoarseness that I experience.

Have you checked with your doctor to make sure it isn't something else?
Hello Dan,

Sleepcarol may be spot on, but I wonder if there is a cause more related to the CPAP itself.

I have a very dry throat on the occasions when I mouth breathe. Because I find this so uncomfortable, I use a chin strap with a full face mask -- my sleep doc laughs and says its belt and suspenders. Is it possible that you've started to mouth breathe (or to do so more persistently) in the past week?
What is your humidity set to?
It sounds like a mouth leak.

A Full Face Mask would be greatly beneficial. If your mouth opens up, then the humidification isn't going to do you any good. If you don't want to commit to that, then I would try a chinstrap. (though in lab we don't usually have much success with chinstraps.

I would try a chinstrap. (though in lab we don't usually have much success with chinstraps.

Saz, I only have had success by combining chinstrap and full face -- even so I will wake up really dry-mouthed once a month or so and realize I managed to mouth breathe anyway.

Rock Hinkle, I have as much humidification as the insulated hose will tolerate without mid-session "rainouts". Even so, mouth and throat get real dry real fast if I sleep with the mouth agape. I suspect it's a function of pressure as well as humidification.
Makes sense that air blowing into your mouth all night might make for a dry mouth in the morning. I used to be on meds that greatly contributed to dry mouth.
I use a full face mask with a moderate level of humidity and don't have that problem, but then I live in a humid area (Norfolk, VA). I visited Mobile, AL a while back and at the same humidity setting woke up with a mask full of water- it's really humid there. Maybe the FFM would help or you could try the hose cover to reduce rainout.
Keep us posted,
Mary Zimlich
Dan- It may be a good idea to speak with your PCP about going in to see an ENT. They may need to perform a throat swab/culture. Just to be on the safe side.

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