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Dan Lyons posted a discussion

CPAP & Dry Mouth

In recent months, I have developed extreme dry mouth as a result of the CPAP.  I am a mouth breather when using CPAP.Recently, I saw an advertisement for the symptoms of dry mouth, but as usual, when I need the information to have a discussion with both my primary care  physician and my dentist I haven't seen the ad. Has anyone else seen the ad and can anyone remember the info in the ad?Thanks in advance,DanSee More
Mar 30
richard graham posted a status
"My deductible is double what a machine is online but I can't get the machine set up. Any ideas?"
Mar 10
BeeAsleep posted a status
"Hi all. I am just checking in and saying hi after being gone for a long time. I am doing GREAT! Just got a new machine and mask. Feel like I"
Jan 23
BeeAsleep updated their profile
Jan 23
99 replied to Fred's discussion CPAP - cure worse than the disease
"Do not turn light on as this hinder you from falling asleep or choose red light instead which do not afect your sleep"
Oct 27, 2015
99 left a comment for Joan Williams Rice
"Hi Joan visiting pelham and I have osa"
Oct 27, 2015
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"Hi maths visiting pelham "
Oct 27, 2015
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"Hi Rhondda I am visiting pelham and have osa "
Oct 27, 2015
99 posted a discussion

Leaky gut

Do you have a leaky gutHow would you knowA telltale sign for leaky gut is Athletes footI wish to ask do you have or suffer from itThe reason I ask is maybe this is a common denominatorJust text yes or text noAnd if you are the first to text also keep a tallyExample38 yes 0 noYour input would alter the tally39 yes 0 noSo now I will input first1 yes. 0 noSee More
Sep 26, 2015
richard graham posted a status
"For the first time in a while I got a whole night sleep with my machine but woke up beat and left side of my head feels weird, not sure if"
Sep 2, 2015
Brendan Duffy posted a status
"How did you sl"
Jul 9, 2015
Pat Kniel updated their profile
Jul 7, 2015
ZolliStar replied to Fred's discussion CPAP - cure worse than the disease
"I'm wondering: what prompted you to consider whether you have sleep apnea in the first place? Also, waking throughout the night isn't uncommon especially as we (*sigh*) age.  I seem to every 90 minutes or so. This pattern probably…"
Jun 27, 2015
ZolliStar replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"You can try this website: I have a MAD (mandibular advancement device). Dr. Steven Park evaluated my mouth and throat (not everyone can use a MAD, it turns out) and pronounced me a candidate for it. The truth?  I…"
Jun 27, 2015
Mary Z replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"The link didn't work so me so I couldn't see the product.  I do have experience with a supposedly reliable boil and bite device.  I should know by now I have a small mouth and nothing regular size fits.  I don't think…"
Jun 27, 2015
richard graham replied to ZolliStar's discussion New mouth device on the market
"If I thought something could work other than this lousy cpap that would be awesome"
May 22, 2015
richard graham posted a status
"I moved and have been sick a lot and can't use cpap because of cough and I'm depressed a lot"
Apr 26, 2015
Fred posted a discussion

CPAP - cure worse than the disease

It's ironic that before I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2000, I had no problem sleeping 8-9 hours a night. If I did wake up during the night, I had no problem falling right back to sleep, and I wasn't tired during the day.From the first night I brought home the CPAP I haven't had one decent night's sleep. Not one. I don't have any problem falling asleep, but I can't stay asleep. At first I was waking up after 4-5 hours and couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Now it's more like…See More
Apr 13, 2015
Fred updated their profile
Apr 13, 2015
ZolliStar posted a discussion

New mouth device on the market

I've been hearing advertising for this product over the past few days.  It's sold as something to help snoring, but as I look at the information it seems to me that it would work just as well as my mandibular advancement device (MAD).In other words, this could help some of us with sleep apnea.Read about it here.Anybody have any thoughts about this?  See More
Mar 31, 2015

Hello everyone:


I am pleased to report that I am doing very well with my full face mask, what has been happening for the past few weeks is after sleeping sound for three hours I wake up and have alot of difficulty getting back to sleep it usually takes anywhere from 45 min to an hour.....I am so tired once morning comes.  I have to be up by 5:15 am during the week.


Has anyone out there had this similar problem????  Can anyone make suggestions for something to protect my nose at night, the FFM is making the top of my nose red and very raw-very painful.  I have tried band aids not working very well.....Makeup is not hiding it anymore.


I appreciate any feedback.


Meegwetch :)

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I also had problems waking after a few hours and then had trouble going back to sleep. I think I was deprived of oxygen so long before I went on treament that once I started treament when I woke in the middle of the night I was wide awake because my oxygen levels were much higher than what was used to. The longer I have been on treatment the longer I sleep before I awake. It may take awhile for you to adjust.

I think the problem with your nose might be better addressed by trying another mask. I had a horrible sore on my nose from a FFmask. I almost lost my nose, the infection spread all through my nose and face. My eyes swelled shut more than once. It took several weeks for my nose to heal. My doc tried to get me to tough out that mask. I could not do it. I am now using the liberty hybrid type mask. I am adjusting well and no sores.

I hope all goes well for you


This is good to know, I am wide awake when I wake up after the three hours....I do not think using another mask is an alternative for me as I have tried them all without success....after years of choking finally I am sleeping and feeling like a real human being, so I think I will opt to tough it out, can any of the lab techs out there recommend anything for that raw soreness... I thank you for your feed back Carl.

Belinda :)
Have you tried using moleskin on your mask. It is typically found in the foot care aisle at WalMart, etc. This will help protect your nose while it heals. If you don't want to do that have you tried padding your mask with something?

Karen, has some masks liners that are great to help the pressure points some mask put on sensitive skin.
I have given up on the mask ..just cannot adapt .and I might add I am a retired firefighter used to wearing self contained air and a mask . Its just to cumbersom ....I am concerned about my amount of sleep but not sure what is to little . Always having to get up in the night to have to go to fires never bothered me retired i get at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep but in fractions...nowt sure how damaging that is .and sleep doctors seem to be prima donnas ......cant get a streight answer out of them with out a sleep study .had 3 ........ or making an appointment a month ahead and waiting an hour and a half in the office not blessed with a lot of patience.
Doctors CAN be inconsiderate sheisters, can't they? There is really little excuse for the overbooking they have their office staff do. I'm not the most patient patient either. I've been known to walk out of a doctor's office making sure everyone in the office knew WHY I was leaving before seeing the doctor - and that I wouldn't be back.

Don't give up on using your CPAP, Len. Try something lightweight, maybe the Resmed Swift LT nasal pillows, then there is nothing at the bridge of the nose if that is a problem. Or the ProBasics Zzz-Mask which is a very lightweight full face mask, or the Respironics Simplicity simple nasal cusion which is a very lightweight mask. I like and have had good success w/all three of them.

Belinda, the Dr Scholl's Moleskin that SleepyCarol suggested is an excellent suggestion, cut it to form and put it on the mask before putting your mask on. Usually it will last 2-3 days. Also hanging your hose above your head reduces the tugging of the hose on your mask when you change positions during the night. And the Padacheeks is also a good suggestion by SleepyCarol. Karen (Padacheeks) offers a good variety of colorful pads for just about every mask out there.
There is a new product out designed to prevent nose soars. you might want to try this website www.sleepcomfortcaresystem
Andy, I could not bring up the website with that address. Any ideas?
Mary Z.

andy lahti said:
There is a new product out designed to prevent nose soars. you might want to try this website www.sleepcomfortcaresystem
Interesting find Andy. Has anyone had experience with this product? If the mask moves does the pad stay put? Any info on cost? I doubt insurance companies would pay for this item so if it isn't too crazy expensive it might well be worth trying out.
Brian Judy, I have seen it on the online CPAP stores for $13- $15. The web site itself ( says it's medicare reimbursed and gives a reimbursement code. I tried it and thought it was a good idea, but I'm prone to breaking out and I guess the material used in its prduction made my nose break out. If you are not predisposed to little pimples, or even if you are I think it's worth trying. I'm the only one I've read about that has had any trouble with the product. I have read some good reports on it. I bought a small and still had to cut it down a bit on the sides as it caused my mask to leak whre it stuck out from under the mask (but, I'm a leak prone kind of person).
Good Luck,
Mary Z.

Brian Judy said:
Interesting find Andy. Has anyone had experience with this product? If the mask moves does the pad stay put? Any info on cost? I doubt insurance companies would pay for this item so if it isn't too crazy expensive it might well be worth trying out.
Thank you for the website Andy I have put in my order....thanks to everyone for your feedback
I would take to your provider to try a different ffm . there are more then one brand and style you might also want to try the lifefit from respironics it is a full face mask that covers the whole face. So there is no pressure on the nose.

There is also a new product I have seen around that is a guard that goes over the nose. And my friend from straparatus is testing a new nose guard. But the gel one i saw online probably would be closer to what you would need.

If you have any questions it is my pleasure to help mail me at or twitter me at amykr. that way i will get it faster.

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