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8 hours ago
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Sep 15, 2018

Sleep study came back negative, but still having a lot of issues. Please Help!

4 years ago I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea with 365 arousals nightly with oxygen deprivation to 81%.  I was a 28 year old fairly healthy male with huge tonsils, deviated septum, and a bad soft palate.  I had septum, UPPP, and tonsil surgery.

3 years ago follow-up sleep study showed problem completely solved, but I still would wake 1-2 x to use the bathroom.  However, this was a dramatic improvement from the past 4-6x.  I felt like I was getting better, if not rested sleep.

Oct. 2009 injury to nose resulted in another septum/turbinate reduction with follow-up sleep study.  Sleep study shows no need for cpap, but I'm still using the bathroom 1-4x a night which is disruptive to say the least.  I actually use the restroom more frequently than most during the day.  Night rising to use the restroom is a clear indication of sleep issues as most people on here know already.  I’m still tired a lot, suffer with concentration and memory issues, and struggle with weight gain.  Any ideas on what could be missing,  I feel like something is being missed.

One other interesting side note, I used over the counter nose spray one night, which really opened up my sinuses.  I slept through the entire night for the first time in 12 years, no exaggeration (it’s too bad that stuff is bad for you).   I did not wake to use the restroom at all.  I need to get this type of sleep regularly.

I'm really at wits end here, as for most on here I feel like I'm battling for my health.  Now I've had a second sleep study with no measurable problems.  People don't think it's an issue, but believe me it is.  Any help would be very appreciated!

Current health 5' 6" 195lbs, no medications, and no allergies 

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Maybe a complete physical would be in order if you haven't had one recently. Does sound like you're suffering.
Just asking some ?s but really don't want you to type answers (just think about the answers next time you talk with your MD...let them know) out in the open in you're not comfy with it: Any prostate hx with your family? Athough you're young, any prostate issues that you're aware of? You say you're not on any meds, any otc or homopathic med/herbs you're taking?
Talk to a urologist.

I have always had to make nightly trips, even as a kid. Never remember sleeping an entire night without having to get up.

When I had some problems and was talking to my gyn doctor he ordered some bladder testing done. Said I was a good candidate for surgery and no more nightly trips. Had the surgery discovered I have a very small bladder and permanent nerve damage. So much for having my problem taken care of. Still make two or more trips to the bathroom nightly.

Good luck as I understand your "pain".
Where did you get your studies done? I had 3 sleep studies done within the past 2 years. The first two showed nothing but the 3rd one done at Stanford Sleep disorders clinic showed an AHI of 14 and many, many flow limitations. It was the flow limitations that caused severe sleep fragmentation. The flow limitations resulting in arousals are often missed by many studies. The Stanford doctor told me that score respiratory events aggressively which is why I was finally properly diagnosed. I just had the mma surgery this past january with great results. I've also read that apnea is often due to narrowing of the airway behing the tongue - was this ever addressed?

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