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Sleep Number Beds: Have they helped anyone & worth the money?

Sleep Number Beds: Have they helped anyone & worth the money? 

I'm considering getting one with the Head & Foot elevation feature. Lying on my back in the store, lower back pain seemed to go away, but for over $5,000, I'm looking for real CPAP customer opinions please. Thanks

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They said they got top of the line,but who knows. Does Select make sure the bed is set up correctly?If not,maybe that was their problem. They were with us for Christmas and told us the bed didn't work out for them and they would be looking for another bed.
I bought the king sleep number with two separately adjustable twins attached together. We do like it so far. The unseen divider let's either partner get in and out of bed without disturbing the other. The separate head & foot adjustment for each partner are very nice and pretty quiet even changing them during the night. The included separate massage units are ok if you like that but they are VERY LOUD during use. My issue right now is I have never been able to sleep on my back and I hoped having the raised positions would help me learn to stay on my back. After a week I have not been able to fall asleep on my back from level to full Lazy-Boy chair position. So it is not helping so far but it is very comfortable compared to any bed I've ever owned or in a hotel. It is not possible to roll to the center with any sleep number bed. If one partner let's most of the air out of their side, they will just be in the same position, just a softer feel, not like a waterbed, just softer. Snuggling is not a problem either. So at this point I can't recommend them for apnea but if you can sleep on your back, back pain is greatly reduced or eliminated on your back. Go test drive an adjustable one if you have lower back pain. My thanks to all for the input.

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