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Sleep Apnea - Preventive Childhood Measures from A Parent

     I'm hoping to have children and if we are blessed with children I want to do as much as I can reasonably do to prevent the development of Sleep Apnea.  I have heard that proper palatal development to make sure the airway reaches its ideal size is key.  Is this correct?  Also, is anything else important besides the ever-important body weight?

   I believe that part of the problem with proper airway and jaw development lies in all the easy-to-eat and processed food we all have been eating and one preventive measure might be to give kids more to gnaw on.  We are so concerned making sure dogs get bones to teeth on - maybe we should throw our kids some bones (literally and figuratively) to help promote their jaw development? Am I crazy?

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You're not crazy.  It's a great thought.  

I'm no expert and I really don't know the answer to your question.  Hopefully one of our Professional members in the field of dentistry or anything related to oral development  will weigh in.

Dave, I agree with Mary, it's probably best one of the professionals try to answer your question, I would think just as a layman, it would be difficult to do anything. It's like saying how do I stop them getting cancer or any other illness, you can try to prevent it but if it's going to be it's going to be and everyone has a different make up so it would be very hard to prevent it. There are also two types of SA, Central and Obstructive. The 'normal' things to look for are not always what they seem, I was underweight and didn't snore but I'm a male and 49 years of age so only half fit the criteria. I believe I have had SA for my whole 49 years so it doesn't really matter what my parents did anyway. The best thing is to diagnose it as early as possible and the treatment really isn't that bad, it's a lot better than the alternative. Good luck with your quest.

You are certainly not crazy, Dave. To give children the very best start, I would advocate breast feeding. For the best support and advice on breast feeding and good nutrition, I would recommend La Leche League. It was founded by breast feeding mums to help other mums.Their support groups are excellent -very friendly and welcoming. Worth seeking out and attending even before baby is born. They have helped many mums over the years breast feed successfully.


     Lisa took the words out of my computer!  Breastfeeding helps in many ways known, unknown, and becoming known. Very likely the suckling action makes a difference in palate formation -- maybe a huge difference.

      Also, breastfeeding is better for baby (helps him or her in the development of immunities and delivers tailor-made nutrition to name two), better for mom (the suckling action aids in the involution of the uterus after childbirth, for example), and is a great enhancement of the bond between mother and child.

       I hope you will be blessed with many children!

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