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i like the novelty of this iPhone app, which "seeds" the mind with thoughts during REM sleep that can determine what kind of dreams we have:

Claims to be based on solid sleep science.   

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I'd like an iPhone just for the apps.  I used to have some cassette tapes (shows how long ago this was) thet were supposed to do the same thing.  One was of a romantic nature and I forget what the other one was.  Very intriguing.

"A simple technique to program the topic of your dream. Write what you want to dream about on a small sheet of paper. If you want to solve a particular problem or get clear information about an issue or realtionship write a statement that affirm that you will get the information you need.Put it under your pillow. When you are in your bed affirm 20 times your statement of intent about the dream you want to have.

Another simple technique to program your dream consist to immerse yourself in the topic you want to dream about and have a particular question in mind or problem to solve about this topic. If you want a solution about a chemistry problem immerse yourself in that topic before you go to sleep , read books , think about the topic , incubate it. When in your bed suggest your mind that you'll dream a solution to your problem."                 

If you don't have an iPhone I did a quick Google search on programming dreams and came up with this.  Lots of other results.

I have to say this is way too uncomfortable. There is in the works ways to implant commercials if you will. Could you control thoughts in this matter.. maybe. It is just too much in your business.

However if you want to implant Selma Hayek into my dreams go for it.. I would pay good money…. Just kidding..maybe …well yeah I would pay HAHA

Im with Conn. Both on the infomercials and Selma.


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