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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15, 2018
I am now on my second machine in almost three months of initial therapy.  My provider is Apria/Aetna approved provider.  The machine turned off over 6 times on its own last night after I would exale and again in the middle of the night.  The filter was okay, I had kept the inside dry when transporting, the connections were snug.  After several years of periods of not sleeping, I discovered I needed cpap.  I'm highly compliant.  I find it is only comfortable to lay down and try to sleep with it on.  So, I'm really unhappy when this happens.  Apria seems unaware of what might be causing the problem.  Has anyone else had this happen?

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Some of the machines can be set so that they will shut off if the mask is removed.  Try to disable that feature to see if that helps. 

I see this is your second machine in three months -- were both machines Remstar?  Are you sure that Apria provided new machines to you? 

A friend of mine has sleep apnea and when his stopped working after a few months he was given a new machine.  I have given him the name of this site and another site I frequent but he hasn't visited either site.  His new machine, in fact, was an older machine that and is a stripped down M series that doesn't provide even a slot for a data card and no way of even showing compliance. 

I am wondering if you had the Pro and that was traded for the Plus?  You either have one or the other as there isn't any such machine as the Pro Plus that I am aware of. 

Hi Pamila, Do you have power fluctuations? Do your house lights flicker when the furnace kicks on?

You can try a ups power supply like used on computers they halt fluctuations which may be causing your machine to think it has been momentarrly unplugged. Does the plug fit snuggly in the outlet ? Check all connections . Voltage spikes can also cause machines to do things .Do you have a surge protector? Two machines in a short time makes me think  power issues. Good Sleep,Chris

You my want to exam the setting on the exhale pressure relief. Your DME may have to exam the setting for you. This setting is what allows you to exhale with less effort and discomfort. It might also cause the machine to hesitate during it's recovery process.

A phone call to your DME's technician might be in order.

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