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Ellen writes: "did you have a hard time to keep it on? it's been a life saver for me though.  i don't fall asleep durring the day !! i can't believe how much better it is but i got to find a way to keep it on better- i did get dry at first now i used water in it. it's been a blessing to me 
thanks for your help 
ellen from maine"

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Are you using a full face mask or some type of nose mask?
Hi Ellen,

I had the same problem until I bought some athletic tape. I put my mask on, adjusted it tight (like I like it) and taped it so that it wouldn't move from that position while I slept. This might work for you too. A friend of mine puts moisturizer on her hands, puts gloves on, and goes to bed. In the middle of the night, she can't grab the mask and pull it off because of the gloves. And when she gets up in the morning, her hands are soft! There are all kinds of "tricks"; you'll just have to find one that works for you. Good luck!
I haven't had any problems keeping mine on. Except that my hair gets in the way and it sometimes comes unvelcroed during the night. Works better if my hair is wet, but it's usually not at night.
Curious about this 'using water in it' technique. Any further elaboration ? I'm a new CPAP user and it's been difficult for my sinuses. Either too dry without humidity or too moist, creating congestion for my sinuses. Any info is appreciated.

Ellen, what mask are you using?... and how long have you been on CPAP? sometimes its just a matter of learning/training yourself to get used to it..and perhaps a different mask may be in order...different fit etc.
I use a nasal mask and I drape a clean dry wash cloth around my neck to prevent the headgear straps from irrating my neck. An added benefit, it helps keep it snug and in place. I have been using my machine every night since 2002.

Life Saver
Mike Smith
Ashburn VA
Hi, Ellen. Unfortunately, there is no good answer. The manufacturer tells you not to make the mask too tight, but if you don't, you get air shooting into your eyes or from the bottom of the mask into your face. This leaves me with no recourse but to tighten it. The supposedly perfect seal is nothing of the kind. Let me know if you find a solution.
I find wearing a knit cap that coverss the crown of my head and neck area to be just the solution for me. I takes up some of the length in the the straps and at the same time gives some give to the fit so I don'tt have to wear it so thight. I also keeps the mask centered on my head. Pad- A Cheek makes neck straps for different types of masks which might be easier than a washcloth on your neck. You might also try a sweatband cut open and threaded over the neck straps.
Good Luck,
Mary Z.
I am sure some of it has to do with the mask. I have tried a Resmed mask ( that fit over my mouth and had small tubes to my nose. It came out of my nose every night. I went back to a Resmed full face mask ( and have no problems at all. I tighten the straps but not too tight so that it is comfortable.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned RoEzIt, a non oil based cream that you put on your face under the seal. If i did not use this, my mask would leave big marks on my face. I believe that it helps seal the mask to my face.

As far as strap marks, there are accessories that are made to put over the straps to form a cushion.

As far as the Sinus problems go, I am 69 years old and have a constant Sinus problem but I actually get sinus relief from my mask. If your Sinuses stop up, you probably need to increase the pressure.

After over five years, on a Cpap machine, I have tried almost everything.

Just keep tinkering and you will find a solution to your problems.
wow what is this RoEzIt ? I wake up every morning with lines on my face from my mask and some strap marks going
across my cheek/chin area. Sometimes I think the marks are deeper when I have slept on one side pretty hard. Does
anyone else use this?

The only thing that happens to me during the night is it feels like my straps around the back from my forehead feel like
they are slipping it could slip off the top of my head.. but i have never had my mask come off yet. I am only on
my 3rd yr of wearing FULL face mask. I think I have a habit of pulling it down when I turn over changing position..then it
just stays there.

Other thing is I always see this ad on right side of page of this gel lookin blue thing that goes on face under where mask fits over the nose and down each side. Anyone use that ?

I keep my mask pretty tight.. if it is TOO loose feelin' .. I feel like there would be air leaks after I fall asleep and won't know it. You KNOW when it is TOO tight.. pressure will get ya pretty quick and I know I jump up and think " no way.. this is not right" and I loosen it .
The web site for the RoEzIt manufacturer is: If you shop around on the web, you can buy the larger size for $5.95. I use a tube about every two months. Try Philly Pharmacy. It has a non-petroleum base and will not hurt the rubber seal.
Hi Sheila
I had trouble with a very sore nose bridge partly due from have ing the Quattro mask very tight at the nose to stop air leaks into my eyes. I now use a Comfort Care Sleep Pad (the blue thing on the right) and the sore nose went overnight. It has been am unbelievable success and it also seems to stop the air leaks near my eyes.

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