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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15, 2018

How To Properly Fit a Mask. From a Techs Point of View.

First get your bed comfortable. Gather all of your creature comforts and make your nest. this reduces unwanted trips out of bed after the you have the mask on. This is important as you could wake your self up.

TURN YOUR MACHINE ON. Your mask should be filled with air when fitting.

Next I prefer to put the mask on sitting upright. Put the mask on just so that it rest on your face. It should be leaking at this time. (if you have a Resmed adjustable mask crank it out so that the forehead is pushed out as far as possible.)

Now I lay down on my back and listen to my mask leak for a second. Doing this trains your mind to hear them. Adjust the bottom straps first. Undue them and pull them straight out from the mask(the mask will want to slide down the straps). this is to even out the straps. If they are not even stop and fix it! Now evenly tighten the mask down just enough to form seal around your mouth(FFM) or the bottom of your nose(nasal).

Next do the sam with the top straps. Remember the top strap is more of an ancher. It should rest on your forehead rather than dig into it.(At this time if you have a Resmed adjustable mask crank it down. it should hug the bridge of your nose and finsh the seal).

Stop listen. you should not be uncomfortable and you should not here any leaks. The mask should be resting on your face at this point not digging or rubbing but resting. If it hurts loosen it.

If you hear leaks you have to options. 1 pull it straigh up off of your face and set it back down. this will sometimes fix it.
2 you can run your finger in between the seal and your skin all the way around the mask to ensure that the seal is folded under to do its job.

once you have these steps down the others are easy. Turn on your right, and left sides and adjust to rid leaks as well. This is important because the seal won't be the same on your sides as it is on your back. Set your self up for success and adjust for all positions.

Remember it only has to be as tight as you can handle comfortably. If you can't form a comfortable seal then you need a different mask.

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What did I miss?

Everything. *wicked grin*

I detailed in my post re: SleepWeaver that it's been a successful mask for me. Maybe it would work better for you, too, Judy.

Here's the link to the post:

Linda McClure- Woodham said:

Rock, thanks for the good info on fitting CPAP mask (I prefer to call them C-CRAP).
My husband uses a full-face, but I can not tolerate this type, due to extreme claustaphobia..(can't spell TODAY)

I have a nasal pillow, with two straps across my head. I also cannot wear a cap, headband, or anything on my head without developing a headache. I fear the loosening I have to do on the straps may be causing leakage, but trying to go to sleep with a pounding headache will not happen.

I can not stand anything to cover my face, so I guess I am doomed.


I just reprinted this for a second time. Used it months ago when first posted and changed my headstrap so can't seem to get the adjustment right again.  This is the most helpful information.

You all are most welcome. I am happy to help.


Hi this is Fred I just started reading all the post here and gone through them all. May I add something I did not see. I wash my mask every night with baby shampoo and I also wash my face reall good with baby shampoo. I use a philips comfortgel fulll face mask and after you wash that mask you can feel it clingiing to your face reall good that helps a lot with the sealing. That baby shampoo will remove all of the oils on your face and mask. The only problem I have is I wake up durring the night with a dry mouth. I haven't got that problem solved yet

Hi Rock, am a newbie still in trialling mode so I read your mask fitting advice & tried it last night think it has made a big difference. So sensible & this info wasn't provided to me from trial staff. they just got me to put the mask on, sitting on chair, they tightened the straps got me to breathe a few times connected to machine & then sent me home. the mask though last night seemed to be leaking on occasion ,on the right side of my face towards chin. Does this mean lower straps still need to be tightened? Or is it that upper head straps need adjustment?...........ah it's a whole new world....this sleeping with contraptions......and I thought 30+ yrs ago learning to sleep with someone else in my bed was a challenge!!! This at the mo. seems far tougher & foreign! anyway I must accept and get on with it I guess. Thanks, Marg

PS I am using a resmed ff quattro fx mask. I sleep predominantly on my sides.

Great advice! I always sealed from bottom first as well. Just gets tricky w/the leaks when excessive facial hair is involved.

I am happy to see that this thread is still useful.

This is a very old thread, but is still quite timely.  It's good to review mask fitting techniques now and then.  When I got my new machine the tech asked me what kind of water do I use and I could not remember distilled.  I actually use RO water.

He helped me fit the mask and showed me how to put it on which is a little different with the quattro fx.

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