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Help!? Open Sore in Nostril from Nose Pillows (Comfortlite2 / Direct Seal) - New Cpap user

Hi everybody, new here. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea late last year and have been using a cpap since then. It's been a love/hate relationship but just as I'd found the "right" mask (Respironics Comfortlite 2 with the Direct Seal cushion) and after having struggled with adjustments until it felt FINALLY right, I suddenly developed a sore on the inside edge of my left nostril. It's so bad now after waking up bleeding for a few mornings that I'm going to have to sleep (sadly) without my machine to let it heal. I'm a side sleeper and I suspect that maybe from sleeping on my left side that the pressure of my pillow pushes the cushion up, causing irritation.I really don't want to try yet another mask because overall this one is really great for the way I sleep.

Can anybody recommend anything I should do? I don't think the mask is too tight (I've gone through that before). Moleskin? If so, how does it work with nasal pillows? Any other recommendations??? I'm at my wit's end and really hate the thought of sleeping w/o the mask.*

*note: this should give some hope to brand-new users, I went through MONTHS of struggle and heartache just getting adjusted to my diagnosis and the life sentence of sleeping with a machine. Now I can't imagine how I lived without it for my 30+ years.

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I had good luck with Ayr Saline Nasal Gel. Whatever you opt to try to soothe and heal that sore NEVER use a petroleum base product in your nose! Ayr Saline Nasal Gel IS safe to use and for me and many others very effective.

Early on I used the original ComfortLite 2. It was the first mask I had any success with. But after about 3 months I opted to continue trying other masks as the headgear just wasn't all that stable and it was thinning and breaking my hair and my scalp was uncomfortable from the constant shifting of the pressure direction on the hair follicles.
Thanks Judy! I will try the Ayr gel...will that work if the wound is along the edge of my nostril and not deep inside? I appreciate the help!!
It helped me. Both inside the nostril and just below nostrils.
Thanks Judy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're welcome. I hope it works as fast and as well for you as it did for me.

You might also want to consider getting either a really soft down pillow that you can punch a hollow into for your mask when you lay on your side or something like the PAPillow where you sleep w/your face on the edge of the pillow so that mask doesn't touch the pillow at all.
I was wondering about the pillow situation...I'll have to look around online a bit. It is such a comfort to get help on here. My sleep doctor and his staff are AWFUL and I feel very on my own in some ways with this whole ordeal. Thank you.
You are NOT alone, not in having an awful sleep doctor and staff, but also not alone in dealing w/and getting acclimated to CPAP. WE are here for you!
Thank you...I can't say how many times I've been moved to TEARS just since having discovered this site yesterday. Now hopefully I can just deal with this nose sore...I feel AWFUL today after having not slept with my cpap last night.

Judy said:
You are NOT alone, not in having an awful sleep doctor and staff, but also not alone in dealing w/and getting acclimated to CPAP. WE are here for you!
I hope the Ayr works for you on this sore. And I'm glad you found this community! I too use nasal pillow masks (the Swift line of them, currently the Swift LT) and just wanted to make sure of one thing.

Don't laugh, cause someone on one of these forums actually was doing this, so I know it can happen...

Be sure that the nasal pillows are just resting outside your nose, not pushed up inside them.

Funny to those of us who never thought to stick them up in there, but it was horrible for the poor guy/girl who'd been so frustrated and in pain from their nasal mask, not knowing the right way to wear it.

Let us know if the Ayr helps out. I might try that myself as occasionally I'll get a little sore spot, especially when I have a cold and my poor nose is already raw from blowing. I've been bad though and just put my lip balm on my nose. I'm sure it's got petroleum in it though. Oops!

It is a really common problem, especially when starting out on pillows and you've received some great advice. The only thing I'll add is to make sure you clean your pillows every day and keep the oils on your face down with a light wash before bed. You're probably already doing that, but I find if I let it go for a few days, problems like yours recur. Also, Ayr gel is great but can be pretty expensive. KY has the same effect. Just need something to prevent the chafing. Just a little dab will do ya!
Good luck.
Hey, that's good advice about the KY Dave. Thanks! It would be cheaper AND easier to find!
Thanks everybody!!!! Great suggestions. I'm really good about cleaning the pillows and think I've got the fitting right but the pillow, Ayr and KY suggestions I'll definitely try!

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