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Steven B. Ronsen updated their profile
Sep 15, 2018
Anyone here use CPAP plus use an oral appliance so that your pressure is lower and the appliance o keep tongue positioned correctly?

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will let you know!  Have plenty to say to her....she won't have any answers as to finding a mask that actually fits.  Hmm...wonder if a trip to Down Under or England could be tax deductible?  LOL

Dianne said:
My pressure was at 8 but was lowered to 7 as my sinuses went crazy the first 2 weeks of use. After it was lowered it helped. I had never felt such a headache!! I did consider buying all the cpap special pillows but opted to invest in a high quality down pillow. You are right in that it simply molds around the nasal pillow. I think the problem is my own sensitivity/insomnia with any change. I am a month into this and would live to finally get a full nights sleep! Good luck with your doctor visit. I'll be curious to know how it goes. Dianne

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