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I returned Saturday from a weeks vacation to Corolla, NC.  I took my CPAP as always, but for some reason got a wild hair and decided not to use it during the vacation.  Cooler heads prevailed, thank goodness.  My roommate said why would you not use your machine when you have sleep apnea?

I don't think I could have slept without it anyway.  After my mate falls asleep it's time for me to roll over and mask up and go to sleep myself.  I wear a total face mask so it's kind of like a little "cocoon".  It's my signal to go to sleep, my sleep routine.

Because of all the meds I take I cannot get a normal AHI and still have excessive daytime sleepiness

only partly helped by Nuvigil.  I thought "how much worse can it get?"  I'm glad my roommate encouraged me to use my mask and machine during the vacation.


Anybody else just have the urge to chuck it all sometimes?

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I think about chucking my cpap all the time... but, I do like the way I feel when using it. I can certainly tell a difference in my energy level on the days when I wake to find that I've "chucked" it during the night. Having just returned from a vacation, I don't think I would have been able to be as physically active as I was had I left my cpap at home.

Hi Mary,

             I take myself where ever I go.I cpap to keep  The Comorbidities from getting me.They scare me more than (and their are plenty) any unplesantness cpap brings on. Good Sleep,Chris

Yeah, Chris, I agree about the comorbidities.  Like I said it wsas just a wild hair and I did use the CPAP 100% of sleep time.

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