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hello to anyone whos reading this! im female 20 yrs of age :)

i want to ask a couple of questions and need informations.

cause im new to this. ive been reading about it from some websites but im still worried and still feel lost.

anyone here suffer from central apnea? what treatment have u tried and did it work?

what should get checked to rule out the causes? and can it be cured?

hope people who suffer from it would like to share.

any help would be greatly appriciated thanks :)

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thamk u for the input dw im noy sure how to private mess u but i sleep on my side n i dont take no meds cause i dont like to b on meds i like natural  remediems i been takeing this stuff caleed sleep apna pill o i all so ordered some chiness stuff wich sounds like sistuan i can get the right spelling ur ifo was help ful im  6 ft 257 n i have quit drinking n smokeing n i would like to appoligie for being alittle upset the first day on here n sorry for answering mary i was confused thought some one was asking me im a liottle conputer confused
D. W. Conn said:


There are a few things you can do to increase success with your treatment. Sleeping on your side, Elevating your head and shoulders may help. If you have weight issues, be sure and address them with your physician as soon as possible. Just 10 pounds can increase apnea events. The use of alcohol as well could be a problem. Talk to your Physician about the medications that you are currently using.

Do you have high blood pressure? If so, be sure you take your medication as directed. Decrease salt intake. Slat increases fluid load and may cause some swelling in throat tissue adding to obstruction events. Please feel free to send me private message and we can talk more about these problems.


michael said:

ok here i go im on this machine bi level resapronics 30 days preassue 12 to a hi of 25 i think  n im a truck driver and work has this policy n place that ur ahi needs to b below 10 well i cant get it beloe 11 sometimes it 13  i need to get back to work im more depressed n im ready to do stupid things cause if im going to lose everything im takeing some people with me im on the verger of going postal im fed up i i need to work 


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