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I do hope everyone is doing well. I have not been on in quite some time. Basically because I have given up on ever having a halfway decent night sleep.

Does anyone know how to adjust the advanced settings on a F&P sleep series 600? I have changed them before, but can't remember how. Lack of sleep is not helping my memory any either. ha ha boo hoo hoo!

Thank you.


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Peggy, below is the website to another SA site a I am on, it has all manuals that you can down load, I think you will have to join but it is free.


Thank you so much. Will check it out. 

Hi Peggy, it's good to see you.

What's going on with your sleep?  I learned that good quality sleep is essential to feeling well so I know you're dragging.  Let us know how you do changing your settings,


Hi Mary. Thank you. I have had so much going on. Have had foot problems for almost 2 years. I mean Can't walk over 15 minutes and sometimes not that long. Had surgery 3 months ago. Still waiting to see some good results. Still not sleeping, the list goes on. It just gets to seem like whats the point. ANYWAYS!!!! enough of that.

I had another sleep study and the dr says the machine is doing its job, I just don't sleep. Even with sleeping pills. And you are so right: Good quality sleep is essential to feeling well. And I SO miss it. 

How are doing?

Peggy, I don't mean to insult your intelligence and I know you have probably tried everything in your quest for sleep.  Since you can't walk I don't know if you can be as active as you like (for two years!) and that is bad for sleep.  You might review sleep hygiene. Sometimes we read what good sleep hygiene is  and think ours is good. We've had several people on the forum who have had to go back over sleep hygiene step by step.  One woman was amazingly sensitive to caffeine and nearly had to stop drinking caffeinated beverages.  Another person was sensitive to light.  You may need an hour before bad of soft light and no TV or computer. In any case I hope you can get your sleep straightened out

and enjoy your time in bed

Mary, I know what you mean. I have tried to follow all those that you are talking about. And probably more. I've really just given up on it really.

Yes, Peggy, I thought you already were practicing good sleep hygiene.  Sometimes you need the intervention of a specialist- a psychologist or social worker to learn techniques to help you sleep.  I wouldn't suggest such a thing if I didn't know how important good quality sleep is to our well being- healing and such.  I'm just wishing you could get some good sleep so don't mind me harping on the subject.  I'll stop now.

Oh, by the way- did you get into your advanced settings?

No, I appreciate what you are saying. You've been there and KNOW the value of sleep, like you said.

I kept fiddling with it and got it changed.

Peggy, what brand and model CPAP are you using? Are you using any software to view your results? On the website I gave you, you can down load free softwear to see what is happening each night, you will need a data card to read it, or you can downloaed it straight from the website I can give you that link. I can help you if you want to give it a try. Let me know. 

Hi Terry. Thanks for getting back to me. I found out how to change the setting. Now I am just having to go through the process of eliminating which one IS the one I need. And thanks for that website. 

Sweet dreams! 

No worries Peggy, let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you Terry. 

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