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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

I was tested about 6 months ago and have moderate obstructive sleep apnea. According to the test, my "overall respiratory disturbance index (RDI) was 20.4 per hour, all on my back.  The overall AHI was 11.3 per hour; 7 apneas, 48 hypopneas, 44 RERAs were present.  Average duration of the respiratory event was 24 seconds.  I had frequent mild snoring and a mild leg movement disorder without a significant arousal index."

For the past 5 months, I've been using the FX nose pillows for her with a chin strap to keep my mouth closed, as I'm a mouth breather.  Much as I didn't like the chin strap, the combo was successful.  Since I use the Respironics REMstar C flex+ PRO machine, I can read my 7 day AHI average, as well as 30 day average.  During this time, my 7 day average AHIs were 5 or below.

I remember getting a cold, including congestion in my nose, for about a week. This was the first time my AHI average increased to 6-7. This didn't bother me, since it made sense having trouble breathing while on nose pillows.  But, after the cold, when I was fine, my AHI continued to stay up around 6, going down several days to 5 or below and up again.

Saw my sleep doc, Dr. Sabharwal in Vienna, Va, who wanted me to try the full face mask, since I am a mouth breather.  For most of the past week, I've used the ResMed Mirage Quattro full face mask, which I'm not crazy about, yet I know I need to give it time.  (I don't like how cumbersome it is, it leaves a sore red mark on the bridge of my nose, and I find I sleep only on my back with it (which is when all my AHIs seem to occur).  During this time, my (average 7 day) AHIs have continued to climb to 7.2.  Yesterday, my air pressure was changed from 8cm to 9cm.  My (average 7 day) AHI jumped to 8.2.  I have no idea what can be happening.  

Can anyone help me?  I have been under the impression that our AHIs should be at 5 or below with treatment.




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Mary, I no Dr but I do think some things cause my AHI to increase and decrease on a daily basis. For example, for 3 days my AHI's were 2.2, 2.3, 2.3 them 5.5 and last night 10.
I didn't really do anything different. I have a theory it may be weather as in Australia we are coming into some really warm weather or what I eat not necessarily the time I eat or stress levels or a mixture. My average at my last appointment was 3.1 and my next appointment is on 17th Jan so will be asking the Sleep Dr what he thinks. I though when I when on CPAP my AHI would always be close to zero.

Well, I'm trying this for the 3rd time. I keep losing my post. At any rate, here are a few thoughts.

The first is about nasal congestion. I never realized why humidifier was important (I'm a dingbat, I guess). I was watching a video on youtube and glory be, I realized I needed to raise the humidifier setting. Now my typically plugged up nose stays clear all night. If your machine doesn't have a humidifier, you might need to check into that. Raising the levels has worked like magic for me. I can't wear a nose mask or a ffm because I'm just too claustophobic. Nasal pillows are what works for me just as long as I can breathe through my nose. You might be able to go back to nasal pillows with an adjustment to humidifier.

Another thought is about pillows. Here are some youtube videos explaining a couple of different kind of pillows that allow you to sleep on your side without messing with the ffm's seal., (here's site to order regenisis from:

The pillows are pricey but might be worth it if it helps you sleep better.

Barb Van Siclen said:

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your information and comments. No, not any better. Now my AHI's are averaging 13 for a 7 day period.  I'm giving the Quattro full face mask a little more time on 9 pressure.  The mask may leak a little when I'm asleep and not realize it, but it seems okay to me.  With the full face mask and being a mouth breather, I really don't like that I'm waking up with such a dry mouth. 

Mary, what machine are you using & is it a cpap?


Mary Z said:

Barb, it's only been since the 24th since you posted, but are you feeling any better?  Sometimes it takes a while so I'm not implying you should be better by now.  It's a life long (and life saving) process.


Thank you for your posting. I appreciate it and will check out the info.  Happy New Years!



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