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Question: I am using a full face mask Weinmann CE. My Fisher Paytell Series 200 is set at 10 pressure. I do not feel my breath is being fully expeled. I think that might be getting to much carbon dioxed in my system. I have tried other maskes but still have the same result. Any Ideas.

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I doubt that is the problem, especially if you have tried multiple masks.  If you haven't been on CPAP long- it takes some of us longer to feel better than others.  If you think you should be better by now you should schedule an appointment with your sleep doc to go over your data.  CPAP masks are very well designed to prevent that problem.  Could there be othewr sources of CO2 in the house?

I had concerns about Co2 as well and that is why I use a APAP instead of a CPAP. You might want to talk to your Dr. about that. There are CPAP's that have what I think is called c-flax.There are other names for that function other than c-flax, it seems that different companies call it by different names. Anyway it makes it easier to exhale. I have still been feeling tried and been told for some people it takes longer. I would still see the doctor just to make sure everything is ok and to make sure nothing else is causing the tiredness. Your dr. would need to write an order for a machine that provides exhale relief. 

For many of us cpap use is not the silver bullet that many of us hoped for.  BUT I will be very first to admit that I am soooo much better with cpap than not.   Back a few months ago our electric was out for a couple of days and let me tell you I felt awful the next day since it was nearly impossible to sleep without my machine.  Many of us have other health conditions that go along with sleep apnea that can impact our sleepiness and how we feel during the day.

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